The explosion of condominium conversions over the past two decades has created a need for professional and economical property management services. The challenge we have set for ourselves is to provide these services in a personalized manner and at a reasonable cost. Explore the services we offer here.

Property Management
  • Timely maintenance and upkeep of buildings and grounds
  • Contract specifications and negotiations with the vendors and suppliers
  • Periodic general inspections of grounds and buildings by the property manager and maintenance staff
  • Knowledgeable attention to security and safety issues
  • Supervision of on-site personnel and outside vendors
  • 24-hour emergency services, a manager is always available to respond to any emergency
  • Preventive seasonal maintenance plan
  • Monthly financial statements to Trustees
  • Monthly statement of account to each unit owner
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Segregated accounts for maximum protection while obtaining an optimal return on funds held
  • Administration of on-site employee payroll
  • Prompt attention to delinquent accounts
  • Knowledgeable cash management, ensuring that available cash flow will meet daily requirements
  • Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R) management
  • Maintenance of all tax records
  • Assistance with audit/review
Project Management
  • Specification writing and bidding oversight
  • Creation of a detailed bidding analysis
  • Creation and execution of project contacts
  • Oversight of contractors and subcontractors throughout the job
  • Oversight of job finances throughout the project